Become a guide through the landscape of ideas

Agitare is a community of practice for National Security practitioners and facilitators of sensemaking, strategy, and innovation frameworks:

Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Futures, Workshop Design, Meeting Design, Think Wrong, Cynefin, Wardley Mapping, Task Analysis, Liberating Structures, I-Corps, Design Sprints, and more...

We believe in the power of collaboration and exploration

Explore, learn, and grow with a community of practice

Create and find opportunities to collaborate with other facilitators

Our Values

  • Foster a growth mindset

  • Act with empathy

  • Demand inclusivity

  • Do the work, deliberately

  • Stay Curious

Our Community

"Prior to Agitare, I was just someone in the military interested in facilitation, but without a path to learn from others or practice skills. Agitare immersed me in a vibrant community of fellow facilitators and students that share ideas, tools, and opportunities, creating entirely new ways to help others and improve the world around us."
"This group of disruptive thinkers, startup founders behind Project AGITARE, welcomed me to sit at the virtual table, encouraged me to engage and learn, and quite literally, deliberately made me feel connected to the group. "

- Christopher
"Before Agitare, I was effectively living in a cognitive silo. There was nothing connecting me to a greater picture of possibilities for what I’ll nicely call people like me. Agitare acted (and acts) as a loose part whole structure that connected me to the greater innovation ecosystem."
"I’m excited to say I don’t know what to expect next. That's the beauty of a truly complex and organic ecosystem. It isn't strictly roadmapped or constrained to particular outputs. Like a human being with boundless potential and hidden depths, it can’t be rigidly predefined or categorized any more than I could when I joined the Air Force. We don’t aim for outputs, only to create the conditions and scaffolding and relationships for people to bring their whole selves to Agitare and hold space for them to determine what’s possible when they’re finally tapping into their actual potential."