Our Story

Our founder, Air Force Technical Sergeant Daniel Hulter, has dedicated himself to studying and enabling innovation and problem-solving in processes, policies, and products. When he was introduced to new problem solving methods, like Design Thinking, Human Centered Design, and the framework called Think Wrong a few years ago, it set him off on a personal journey to learning more and increasing their adoption across the Air Force and the Department of Defense.

Project Agitare aims to further this vision, by promoting across the DoD a wide swath of social technologies that far outpace our traditional communication, sense-making, framing, scoping, organizational strategy, culture-shaping, and problem-solving methods.

By showing you a little bit about what these social technologies are capable of, we hope you’ll be interested in beginning your own journey to becoming a facilitator yourself and that your organization will start to see how it can be utilized.


(4 syllables), Latin:

  • To stir up, excite, disquiet, provoke, agitate

  • To urge, drive, impel, put something in motion

  • To hunt, chase, pursue

  • To guide, shepherd

  • To deliberate, discuss, debate, investigate, meditate upon