Our Story

Our founders have dedicated themselves to studying and enabling innovation and problem-solving in processes, policies, and products, even when it doesn't fit into their designated roles. When MSgt Daniel Hulter was introduced to new problem solving methods, like Design Thinking, Human Centered Design, and the framework called Think Wrong, it set him off on a personal journey to learning more and increasing their adoption across the Air Force and the Department of Defense.

Agitare aims to further this vision, by promoting across the DoD a wide swath of social technologies that far outpace our traditional communication, sense-making, framing, scoping, organizational strategy, culture-shaping, and problem-solving methods.

By showing you a little bit about what these social technologies are capable of, we hope you’ll be interested in beginning your own journey to becoming a facilitator yourself and that your organization will start to see how it can be utilized.


(4 syllables), Latin:

  • To stir up, excite, disquiet, provoke, agitate

  • To urge, drive, impel, put something in motion

  • To hunt, chase, pursue

  • To guide, shepherd

  • To deliberate, discuss, debate, investigate, meditate upon