Opportunities For Facilitators and Organizations

Become a Facilitator

Agitare facilitators are part of a community of practice full of the following opportunities:

  • Attend (and host) virtual and in-person events

  • Share best practices, struggles, advice, and lessons-learned

  • Mutually support other change-makers, enablers, and intrapreneurs

  • Collaborate on workshops, sprints, blitzes, and sessions

  • Find and create training and practice opportunities to improve skills

Agitare Events


We teach facilitators about specific methods and how to apply them.


  • Discovery 101


We assist facilitators in plans for upcoming sessions.


Our volunteers host discovery sessions for various teams and organizations.


We provide a forum for facilitators to receive feedback on sessions: What went right and wrong, and how we can do better.


We regular virtual gatherings of facilitators to discuss facilitation opportunities, share lessons-learned and best-practices, practice in virtual sessions and train on key concepts, and mutually support one another in our efforts.